Run errands anywhere in the world


Don't have time or means to do something because you can't be somewhere right now? That is about to change!

Now you have eyes and hands anywhere in the world, in any location where there is a Paxer.

All you need to do is choose a Paxer with the right skill set and ask them to do an assignment for you.


Find an apartment for rent and take a look around. Ask questions right there on the spot, check paperwork and make sure it is the right place for you, days before you fly to the destination yourself.

Find a perfect bouquet in a local florist shop, deliver it to someone special in any spot of the world, and see their reaction in real time.

Send a driver to pick a brand of beer that is sold only in a small bar across town, while another Paxer is picking up your friends from the airport. No need for silly name tags and signs anymore. Do all that while making barbecue in your backyard.

Get a courier in another city, control every step and see everything as it happens right here and now.

Buy your favorite coffee beans from a bazar in a small village in India, the one that you visited 10 years ago and never had a chance to go back and experience it again. Buy the beans and ship them directly to yourself and make sure that you'll get exactly what you wanted.

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