The road to becoming a DAO

Version 0 - Mid 2022 / Token generation event

No voting possible

Version 1 - First half of 2023 / Staking dashboard released

MTP holders can stake their tokens via the staking dashboard and participate in governance voting brought forward by the MPAX team.

These votes will determine which teams should receive funding from the ecosystem fund and how the Community Treasury should be distributed.

Version 2 - Early 2024

More on-chain votes on smaller issues.

The way votes are counted may be changed from "1 token = 1 vote" to quadratic voting.

Version 3 - December 2025 / Decentralized Organization

MTP holders determine which governance framework should be used and what issues require voting. Some decisions will not be up for debate, such as token supply that is locked in smart contracts.

Potential issues that may require voting:

  • Should MPAX Limited continue to pay the MPAX team to develop MPAX?

  • How should the Community Treasury be used to reward MTP holders and the broader MPAX community?

  • Should the Community Treasury funds be attached to any yield farming/staking services?

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