How it works

People from all over the world can register on MPAX platform, set up an account and start live streaming. We call such people Paxers.

Millions of others can join the platform to hire Paxers, assign tasks to them and join their live streams from anywhere in the world. These are Beholders.

Whenever the Paxer accepts a new assignment, they put on their glasses or any other wearable device and the Beholder starts seeing and hearing everything that is happening around them from a first person perspective. The Beholder can guide the Paxer by voice or text (automatically translated to the Paxers language) in real time.

Funds are automatically debited from the Beholder's account. Once the assignment has been completed, the platform will release the funds to the Paxer's account.

All payments are made using the MTP token (the internal currency of the platform).

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