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How often have you failed to achieve your goals because you just couldn't be in another place that very second?

What if you could have more than 2 eyes and 2 hands? Or be in 5 different places around the globe at the same time?

Now it is a reality!


Participate in an expo in Dubai while sitting in your office in New York, ask questions, take pictures, exchange contacts, etc. Have the same experience as you would if you were there in person, but save yourself 2 days worth of travel.

Visit your office undercover and see how your employees perform their duties.

Need to find a manufacturer in China? Not a problem anymore. No more visa hassle or flights. Just find a Paxer who is already an expert in this field.

Oversee a construction site in real time, save yourself hours of commute time.

Got a task that requires rare skills and the best specialist is halfway across the globe from you? Let your technician put on a wearable device, become the hands of the master, fix the problem and save your company time and money.

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