Evgeny Kayumov

Co-Founder / Head of Sales EMEA
Serial Entrepreneur — a passionate innovator and business development mastermind. More than 15 years of experience in building tech companies, their sales and marketing operations.
Previously: RGK Mobile & Soax

Vadim Korepov

Co-Founder / CEO
Exceptionally good at managing teams and operations, Vadim has a unique fusion of ability to scale and zealous delivery efficiency.
Previously: Partnerkin & Affiliateconf

Stefans Keiss

Co-Founder / Board Member
Serial Entrepreneur with a track record of successful startup and scale-up experience, including 2 (and counting!) IPOs. Stefan’s superpower lays in team building and strategic planning.
Previously: Airnow

Artem Isay

Co-Founder / COO
Entrepreneur and early Crypto investor — Artem has a strong skill set of technical and operational background, with a deep knowledge of product building and team scaling.
Previously: Oisto

Roman Martynov

Co-Founder / CTO
Many times CTO and 0-to-1 development prodigy — Roman is especially good at quickly delivering product-grade solutions out of thin air.
Previously: Soax
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